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Welcome to Kemmo and Nguefack Foundation


Welcome to Kemmo and Nguefack Foundation

Today in parts of Africa, children’s suffering has greatly increased due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and wars. I feel a great calling to give back to children all over the world who are experiencing similar suffering. I want to create a resourceful foundation that will promote an environment where the needs of those underprivileged orphans and families across Africa are taken care of.

Our Vision is to create a haven for disenfranchised children. There, they will be protected and cared for. Our aim is to develop a system that creates opportunities for them to fulfill their purpose in life.

Our mission is to build an orphanage in Africa, to provide a safe caring, and loving environment for orphans, abandoned and less privileged kids between the ages of 0 and 10 years old, a place they can call home. That will involve providing food, clothes, health care, education, scholarship, and opportunities to travel abroad to continue their education after high school graduation. Besides helping children in Africa, the organization and its members participate in community well-being by assisting in social activity. Maintaining our vision of serving the underprivileged, as a group or individually, members participate in free food distribution, healthcare screening, work in homeless shelters, and other community charity work.

Our Prayer is to bring healing, transformation, and meaning to their lives.

One of the main axes of work for our foundation will be to build orphanages in different countries in Africa starting in Cameroon. We plan to provide help and support to orphans, abandoned kids, and the less privileged. To be pragmatic, we will aim our actions at providing shelter, food, clothes, health care, education, and scholarship. Our foundation also donates to several Charity organizations in Africa. We donate food, medical supplies, and new clothes. Additionally, we sponsor children in different orphanage homes across Africa. With your help and contribution, we can reach more homes, and an entire community, support girls’ child education, and much more. Join our partner donors today and start saving one child at a time. After the successful implementation of the project in Cameroon, we will expand to another African country. The designated country will be chosen based on the member’s preference. In the new location, we will try to replicate the models that have been successful in Cameroon. Africa is part of the third-world countries, there is poverty and a notorious shortage of social support for the least privileged. Therefore, to accomplish our goals, the foundation plans to collect and send from the US clothes, medical supplies, kids’ school supplies, and toys. Moreover, during the end of the year season, we will provide Christmas gifts and mean for the kids to celebrate conveniently.

One Child to one donor

The one-child-to-one donor sponsorship scheme was designed to allow individual donors to pick a child to sponsor. All contributions made by an individual donor go directly to the total well-being of the child as chosen by the sponsor. Periodically, the donor will have the opportunity to interface with the child, have access to his/her educational report card and join the child mentorship program designed by the foundation. The foundation will branch out to find partners whose contribution will facilitate the materialization of our programs. We will remain open to constructive contributions for the benefit of our kids. We plan to raise funds through various means. For example, part of the revenue from the book “art of storm” will be dedicated to charity. The foundation will also raise money from fundraising, events, and grants.

Clean Water Project

Our foundation seeks your donation to develop over 50 clean water projects across Africa.  Most villages in Africa especially in the rural belts suffer from all kinds of diseases caused by unclean water. The Kemmo and Nguefack Foundation is seeking to raise the sum of USD 200,000 to install clean water fountains in different communities across the region.

Our Team

We have a team of seasoned professionals and volunteers working around the clock to ensure smooth operations. Our volunteers go through different levels of training depending on their location. We ensure they have appropriate security training as well. We have among us doctors, lawyers, teachers, and builders.

So Much More to Achieve

In Africa, a lot of children are counting on your contribution to gain access to clean water, quality food, shelter, and education

The Big Movement

The Kemmo and Nguefack Foundation is part of the movement that seeks to eradicate poverty in Africa starting with sponsoring a child’s education.


Join this great move today.


Our History

Helping others is not a job, it is a calling

  • Where It All Began

    From a remote village in the suburbs of Camarones an orphan was given the opportunity to education, all odds were against her but with God’s grace, she has broken the limits her situation set for her.

  • Every Single Campaign Counts

    With the help of others, her education was paid for, and the little contributions that were made to the educational trust she benefitted from have aided not just her but a lot of children in Africa to get access to the best education.

  • So Much More to Achieve

    In Africa, a lot of children are counting on your contribution in order to gain access to clean water, quality food, shelter and education

  • All People Matter

    We have already started in Camaron, we hope to extend our reach to other parts of Africa and India

  • The Big Movement

    Kemmongue Foundation is the movement that seeks to eradicate poverty in Africa starting with sponsoring a child’s education. Join this great move today

  • There is Good in The World

    It is people like you who help shape the lives of our children. Their lives will better the world at large

Our Team

This wonderfull people make it all possible

You Can Trust Us

We are not in for income. We are here for outcome

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