Art of Storm

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Art of Storm

Hello, my name is Dr. Vicky Marie Deuboue. I am 39 years old and I am thriving to share my story with the world. I was blessed with a golden family, containing loving parents and 9 other siblings. But at the very young age of 9, I lost my mother Nguefack Marie Madeleine. And later on, I also lost my father Albert Kemmo as well. My father and mother were and still are my guardian angels in all aspects of my life. My life was drawn out with deep sorrow from the loss of the most important people in my life.

After this loss, I took to letting my feelings out by writing this book. Writing absorbed my pain and I began to realize how much potential my family and I’s story hold. And how much I wanted to showcase my parents’ lives as well. I started writing this book to touch the hearts of other people who can relate to what I’ve been through.
I thank God, my family, my husband, and my kids who are my treasures, and all, from near and far who motivated me in achieving this dream.
My book Art of Storm is a nonfiction book that delves into my family’s tragedies in western Cameroon, Africa. The book begins with the story of my great-grandfather who was abducted and taken into slavery in America at a young age. Continuing with a detailed account of a war that erupts, displacing my family with further tragedies following. Our lives were filled with constant upheavals and fights for survival rolex daytona rolex calibre 7750 mingzhu engine mens 116599rbow silver tone automatic.

The story then follows me, fulfilling my dreams as an immigrant in America and surpassing many hurdles, including crossing oceans for success. My story is an account of the testament to the strength of human will and the desire to thrive, this is history that comes alive from my family’s perspective.
The proceedings of this book will be used to support my dream of helping those in need, in particular orphans and the less privileged. As an orphan myself, I hope to establish the “Kemmo and Nguefack Foundation” in memory of my late parents who left us early. We hope our foundation will reach the point where we will be able to provide for those in need, like orphans, a place that they can call home. I hope we will be able to build an orphanage in Africa with the proceedings of this book. This is the beginning of a bright future for kids back in Africa with new opportunities. I hope that you can help give me a platform to share my story for a good cause to change the lives of orphans for the best and to achieve my dreams. By buying one copy of this book, you will not just help and support but also impact the lives of orphans in Africa and help them achieve their dreams as well.

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